Infill Ideas for Concrete Pillar Fences

Infill Ideas for Sandstone Concrete Pillar Fences

Your house and garden are the main attractions - pillars with a plinth wall act as framing elements.

  • The infill or palisade is the part of the fence between the pillars and posts.
  • Choose your infill at the beginning of the project.
  • We have seen many combinations of infill materials used to make individual and stylish fences.

Popular and Practical Infill Choices

Tubular Steel

8256 minimalist pillars
  • Incorporated into most fences
  • Light-weight and flexible
  • Endless possibilities
  • Long life when powder coated


8401 252 with blades
  • Secure
  • Suits Modern or Traditional Fencing
  • Adaptable Height
  • low maintenance
  • Can be any powder-coat colour


Heritage entrance pillars with Rochester Infill 4508
  • Lighter than tubular steel
  • Best option if living by the coast
  • Not as flexible as tubular steel
  • Many choices of pattern from simple spears to complex lace

Heritage advisors with many Councils prefer the look of the aluminium fencing with the flat horizontal bar as shown here, and a heavy fancy spear giving an acceptable traditional look with modern materials.

Cast Aluminium

350 Arched Croyden 1 1599
  • Heritage areas
  • Period homes
  • Fixed size panels
  • Many choices of pattern from simple spears to complex lace

As the panel sizes may be fixed you need to choose pillars in conjunction with the panels.

Aluminum Slats

Cedar Fence Timber Slats And Caststone Pillars
  • Modern design
  • Low maintenance
  • Colour and size are nearly unlimited
  • The gap between slats can be altered to allow for more or less privacy


roll top brush between sandstone fence pillars
  • Natural fibre
  • Privacy
  • Adaptable height and shape