Sydney Twin Terraces Make a Combined Statement with a Sandstone Concrete Pillar Fence

By caststone

sydney terrace fence

Installing a sandstone concrete pillar fence for these two twin Sydney terraces brought a stately street presence to both properties.

The original fence was a traditional wrought iron heritage style, so we added the  P Series sandstone concrete pillars  which are ideal for sloping land. They also provided the frame and structure that sizeable Sydney grand terrace homes demand.

P Series Sandstone Concrete Pillars can even out a Sloping Frontage

The P Series of sandstone concrete pillars were selected for these twin Sydney terraces because they are one of our more customisable pillar ranges. The benefits of the P Series in applications such as these are the following:

• They range in height between 1.34m to 2.2m.
• You can choose from 3 different base styles, 8 different shaft styles and 6 different capitals to match both the style and size of the home. Being able to alter the base and shaft sizes means we can create an even looking fence over a sloped frontage if the home needs this.
• They work well with a variety of infills including solid walls, tubular steel, cast aluminium, timber or aluminium slats. In this case we kept the existing aluminium fence.
• We matched the colour of the pillars to the colour of the terraces but you can also leave them to naturally age.

sydney terrace fence sydney terrace fence

Collaborate with your neighbour and boost your street presence with a sandstone concrete pillar fence

We treated the twin terraces as one property from the perspective of street presence and balance, and calculated fence concrete pillar positions so that both properties looked consistent and even from the street. We used concrete pillars on each side of the gate and left an aluminium post in the middle of the gates so that it looked in proportion with the rest of the fence.

The result – a property which has a grander street presence adding to its real estate value!

Call the friendly team at CastStone today on 1800 626 816 to discuss your Sydney terrace home and especially if you have a friendly neighbour who would be happy to collaborate on a joint fencing project!

We freight all over Australia and even with our freight costs, we are competitive. With more than 35 years in manufacturing sandstone concrete pillar fences, we will help you design the perfect street frontage for you and your neighbour.

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