Creating Beautiful Fences Starts with the Dedicated Team at CastStone

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 concrete columns

Michelle has worked at CastStone for nine years, helping CastStone’s customers create beautiful fences.

She grew up during the 1970’s down South in Adelaide, in a cream brick home typical of the era with her family. Eventually, she bought the family home where she now resides. Michelle started renovations on the home keeping the original structure but making cosmetic changes to improve it.

She gave the verandah a facelift by replacing the original steel pipe with CastStone’s simple square concrete column. Below is a classic 1970's "before" photo with the original post and the new one next to it. Next project - the fence of course!

concrete columns Michelle's house before concrete columns

Sandstone concrete pilla rs and columns are used not only to create beautiful fences but also for verandahs, pool houses, pergolas, entrances and outdoor living spaces. See some more blogs on these topics at the bottom.

A family-owned business for over 35 years, we asked Michelle what makes CastStone a successful manufacturing operation.

Why do people enjoy doing business with CastStone?

“We care and we take ownership of our work. It starts from the beginning, from helping the customer develop and design their project to installing it on-time and on-budget.

We are proud of our work. We are local, Australian made and manufactured. All the sandstone concrete products get made right here at our facility on Port Road, Albert Park. We are across all the details of every project on a daily basis, so nothing gets missed.

We are good listeners and our aim is to make our customers happy by meeting and even exceeding their expectations. We are also attentive to the process and planning of the project so that from the beginning, working with councils for approval to installation and completion, we make the process a minimal fuss for our customers.

The life cycle of our products is always evolving and we keep old moulds so that we can offer them to people many years down the track, sometimes with small changes. This continuity has helped many of our customers over the years, with both renovations and new projects to find moulds that are of a certain style or that match an older part of the property.”

concrete columns

Why do you love working here at CastStone

“I love what we create, the fences are beautiful. At the end of the project, Rose (the owner) and I look at each other and give the knowing nod that silently says “we have a project that delivered to its spec, enhances the property and a happy customer, and it’s a great feeling.

I also get to use my artistic and creative skills designing the fences, moulds and address plates.

But without a doubt, what I love the most is the team of people we have working here, they have been long term employees and they take pride in their work. We have a caring environment and this ripples out to our projects and customers. Our good work starts from the inside out. From the director to the manufacturing team and everyone in between who is dedicated to creating beautiful fences.”

Start creating your BEAUTIFUL sandstone concrete pillar fence today

Call the team at CastStone today on 1800 626 816 to start designing your beautiful fence, or drop into their showroom at 950 Port Road, Albert Park.

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