Concrete Pillar Fencing for Large Scale Residential Developments

By caststone


Large Scale Supply | Customised Moulds | Commercial Project Timelines

CastStone collaborates with developers, builders and architects to provide concrete pillar fencing solutions to large scale residential developments. We work to specific design requirements and timelines in consultation with your project manager.

We are fully equipped to provide large scale production and supply for commercial concrete fencing projects. CastStone partners with the Adelaide Fence Centre   to provide a one stop shop solution to developers. CastStone supply the concrete fence pillars and the Adelaide Fence Centre supply a range of infills, gate and fence panels.

Some of the projects we are working on:

Lightsview, Inner North-East Adelaide

Lightsview includes the suburbs of Northgate, Greenacres and Northfield and their homes are light filled with flexible spaces and sustainable initiatives. Contemporary and urban design is what you will see as you drive the streets of this new suburb. Every home is required to install a fence to contribute to the aesthetic value of the suburb.CastStone has supplied thousands of modern concrete fence pillars for Lightsview homes.

Springlake, Mount Barker

CastStone worked with the landscape architects and developers of Springlake to design a brand new, one off mould  for a modern concrete fence pillar (link). With more than 500 homes on this development, we were required to meet the contemporary specifications of the entire development, supporting sustainable design, function and flexibility.

Bluestone, Mount Barker

Bluestone is another brand new residential development in Mount Barker that needed a collaborative fence company to provide concrete fence pillars on a large scale for their new homes. Bluestone has a range of homes, townhouses, terraces and apartments in a variety of landscapes and terrains on the development. In evaluating the design aspects of this new community, we provided a range of concrete pillar fence styles to suit the neighborhood, streetscape and the home.


Call us to discuss your building and development project. We can custom design a mould or we may have one to suit your development already. We will work with your project timelines and ensure that supply and delivery meets your required schedule.

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