Before and After Modern Fence Ideas - Minimalist Concrete Pillar Fences

By caststone

modern fence ideas

Need some modern fence ideas?

The fence chosen for this contemporary home was made of precast sandstone concrete pillars from our Minimalist range, with slat infills, and it makes a wonderful difference to the home’s street presence.

The right fence installed with attention to the design and construction materials, will not only lift the street presence of your home, it will improve its resale value.

A fence does more than just make the house look better from the street:

- It creates a frame for your home, making it look complete
- It provides security and protection
- It creates an additional dimension, making your home appear larger
- It sets up a structure for a garden and landscaping

modern fence ideas  modern fence ideas

Do you have sloping or uneven land?

We work with all land sizes, and all aspects of land characteristics – sloping, undulating or uneven. We can alter the height and width of the base and size of the pillars in order to create an even and consistent concrete pillar fence along your property boundary.

Customise a concrete pillar fence for your modern home

The Minimalist concrete pillars are one of our more simple designs of pillars.

They measure from .5m to 1.75m to in height so they vary depending on your design, with a low profile. We can add Quoins to these and change the capitals (tops) for a totally minimalist look with a flat cap, or a pointed cap which give a little more dimension.

The concrete pillars can be painted to match your home, or they can also be left to age naturally for a more rustic look. Either way, they are durable and will look as good as the day they were installed for many years to come.

They also work very well with several styles of infills including solid walls, tubular steel, cast aluminium, brush or timber and aluminium slats. Or if you have a creative flair and want a specific custom design as an infill, we can help you with this too.

Call CastStone today to discuss fencing for your modern home

We design and deliver our concrete pillar fences all over Australia to Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and regional areas. Even though we are based in Adelaide, with our freight costs from here we are still competitive and with more than 30 years in this business, you can be assured your concrete pillar fence will be perfect for your home.

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