A Concrete Pillar Fence Creates a Grand Entrance for this Grand Sydney Weatherboard Home

By caststone

sydney concrete pillar fenceTwo simple sandstone concrete pillars can significantly change your home's entrance. With this grand Sydney weatherboard home, we added concrete pillars on each side of the steps, framing the pathway to the front door.

We only used four pillars here, two on each side of the entrance and another two on each end of the fence line and left the iron infill in between.

The result was fabulous, creating a grand entrance with a sense of splendour, giving it a different look altogether but still in keeping with the home’s style and design.

Sandstone concrete pillars come in different sizes, to suit larger or smaller homes. For this home we used the P Series of pillars which range in height and width, and are customisable with different caps and bases to create a style that is unique to your home.

Why not create a grand entrance if your home allows it? An entrance framed with concrete pillars not only has greater street presence, it will also increase the value of your home.

sydney concrete pillar fence sydney concrete pillar fence

Here’s why concrete pillar fences are so complementary to Sydney’s homes

We have installed many sandstone concrete fences in Sydney for terrace homes, weatherboards, large modern homes and grand residences of different dimensions. Here’s why they work so well:

- They create excellent street presence for large and small homes alike
- They can be colour matched with your home, or left naturally to age
- They are customisable to suit modern, traditional or heritage homes
- They are durable and will look as new for many years to come
- You can integrate your letterbox so the fence is streamlined

Our range of sandstone concrete pillars and columns

- The P Series is adaptable and customisable
- The 230 Series if classical and compact
- The 250 Series is traditional and suits heritage homes
- The 350 Series is our largest range and suitable for larger properties and acreage
- The Minimalist range is modern, simple and suited to contemporary homes
- The Quoins are modern as well and can be stacked to alter the height (and width)

We freight to Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and more

We design and install fences for homes across Australia and will freight our concrete pillars to most cities and regional locations. Even with freight costs, our prices are still competitive, and with over 35 years designing concrete pillar fences for homes in Australia, we will come up with the ideal fence design for your home from our Adelaide offices.

Call us today on 1800 626 816 for a friendly chat about your fencing ideas – there are many more concrete pillar photos on our website as well.

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