6 Ideas for Concrete Letterbox Address Plates

By caststone

concrete letterbox

We have several styles of concrete letterboxes to suit your modern, heritage or traditional home, that can be standalone or integrated with your concrete pillar fence.

Once you have decided on the style of concrete letterbox, you will also need to consider a few other features. You may be surprised at how many options there are to customise a simple concrete letterbox! And they all contribute to creating good street appeal.

Letterbox address plates with laser cut numbers and letters can be the same colour as your home, have horizontal or vertical mail slots and paper rings integrated as well. Some of our clients like all the letterbox features integrated with the address plate - it looks elegant and neater. Following are a few variations to consider.

1. Powder-coated or stainless steel?

Letterbox address plates can be power-coated to match the colour of your home or fence, painted or stainless steel. All these variations have been used for both modern and traditional homes.

 concrete letterbox 5069 domain Double letterbox

2. Separate address plate or part of concrete letterbox?

The address plate can be part of the letterbox itself or added separately, individually designed to suit.

7062 Blog 6 Ideas for Concrete Letterbox Address Plates  Minimal precast concrete sandstone pillars painted charcoal 5110

3. Address styling and design

The font, size and design of your address can be customised as well. You may opt for your house number only, the number and street or your business name.

4660 blog 6 Ideas for Concrete Letterbox Address Plates   sandstone letterbox

4. Intercom and lights

The address plate may also include the intercom and small downward facing lights & other light styles.

 sandstone letterbox

5. Paper ring for paper and junk mail

You may like your paper ring integrated with the address plate or in the concrete pillar itself.

sandstone letterbox

6. Dual letterboxes

You may need dual letterboxes for different purposes and both can be integrated into one address plate. It looks neater and more slimline.

sandstone letterbox

Visit CastStone’s website for more ideas on sandstone concrete letterboxes

You will find more photos and ideas about sandstone concrete letterboxes on our website. You can also pop into our showroom at 950 Port Road, Albert Park and see many concrete letterboxes on display.

We freight our concrete letterboxes Australia wide to Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and regional areas and our prices are still competitive including freight costs. Call us today on 1800 626 816 for a chat with our friendly team.

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