New Names for our Heritage Pillars Series

By rosemary

Following client feedback we have recently renamed our Heritage Pillar series to reflect their sizes and differences. 

When you are reading older blog posts you may come across the older names - here is a name translator for you/

New Names - Same Pillars
Previous Name
New Name
350 Series Architectural Range - Biggest
250 Series Architectural Range - Big
P Series Architectural Range - Medium
230 Series Architectural Range - Small
Minimalist Series Minimalist Range
Quoins Quoins

CastStone 350 series sandstone gate fence pillar 3940 Biggest Series formerly 350 Series

 CastStone precast sandstone concrete 250 Paneled Shaft fence pillars 3906Big Series formerly 250 Series

CastStone Heritage P series Pillars 6117 Medium Series formerly P Series

CastStone sandstone concrete 221 Painted pillar from 230 Series 8205 Small Series formerly 230 Series

Precast Concrete minimalist 400 plain pillar 8256 Minimalist Series 

CastStone Traditional Quoin Pillars 6411 Quoins Series

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