5 Concrete Pillar Fence Ideas for Sydney Terrace Homes

By caststone

sydney terrace pillar fence

Terrace homes were built as early as the 1830’s to provide higher density housing for the burgeoning population in cities like Sydney and Melbourne during the Gold Rush era. Terrace housing back then was similar to today’s high-rise apartment blocks with the same high density principles in mind - maximum use of the land, and built side by side with adjoining walls.

These terrace homes today situated in inner city suburbs, come with a proportionate price tag and have all the beauty of focused and detailed workmanship that we have come to love today.

Although traditional fencing was in wrought iron, many terrace houses in Sydney are opting for sandstone concrete pillar fences. They add wonderful street presence and match the grandeur of the era.

When designing a sandstone concrete fence for a Sydney terrace home, there are some elements of the fence that you can customise to make it uniquely your own:

  • The capital – do you want a flat capital or a pointy one?
  • The shaft – how high, do you want a plain shaft or a design etched into it such as a hexagonal, square or arch?
  • The base – the land slope and size will largely determine this but there are some variations with the base in width and trims.
  • The colour – do you want the pillars the same colour as your home or left to age naturally?
  • The infill – timber, wrought iron, brush fence, slats? This will depend on the streetscape and whether you want privacy.

Here are different examples of concrete pillar fences for Sydney terrace homes.

The 350 series sandstone concrete pillar with a pointy capital

sydney terrace fence

This example shows our larger range of pillars, magnificent and commanding, the 350 series is ideal for terrace homes that are 2 or 3 storey and complement the height of the property very well. They start at 2 metres in height and this particular one has a pointy capital.

The 350 series concrete pillar with a flat capital

sydney terrace fence

This pillar has a flat capital, which gives it a different overall impression.

The 350 series concrete pillar with a simpler shaft design

sydney terrace pillar fence 

This pillar has a larger rectangle design in the shaft and painted grey.

The 350 series concrete pillar with a simpler shaft design

sydney terrace pillar fence

This pillar as a narrower shaft and has been left in its natural colour. If you still like to read the news on paper, you can also have an integrated paper ring.

The 250 series concrete pillar

sydney terrace pillar fence sydney terrace pillar fence sydney terrace pillar fence

This pillar ranges from 1.53m to 2.15m in height and a good choice for heritage style properties. The 250 series have a slimmer line and following are two examples of these pillars, one with bevelled base and cashel shaft, the other with a hexagonal designed shaft.

Which concrete pillar suits your Sydney terrace home?

Call the CastStone team today on 1800 626 816 for some inspiration on ideas for a concrete pillar fence for your Sydney terrace home. We freight Australia wide and even with our freight charges, we are competitive. We work with customers in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth and Adelaide as well as regional areas of Australia. We look after your project from end to end – from design and council approval to installation.

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